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Repairing and Replacing Guttering

When you have a problem with the guttering in your home, you are likely to be very aware of it every time it rains. If the rainwater doesn’t go where it is meant to then this is can be troublesome. It can also look unsightly too.

Common Problems with Guttering

  • Clogged up with leaves, dirt and other debris
  • Gutters sagging or leaning away from the house
  • Poorly located or pitched gutters that don’t do their job well
  • Missing sections
  • Holes or leaky sections

With most of these issues, the big danger is that leaving it too long will make the matter worse. For instance, you might end with the rain forming a damp patch on your wall or causing some other sort of damage.

By getting the gutter fixed as soon as you can, you could also save some money by solving the problem before it becomes a bigger and more expensive repair job.

There are a few important factors that will determine how much you can expect to pay in terms to fix your guttering. The first one is, obviously, the work needing done. It is clear that cleaning out debris is going to cost a lot less than replacing a whole section of damaged guttering.

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